Type Of Scales


Type Of Scales

Types of Scales description: At Scale Solutions Inc., we offer a wide variety of scales for any industry and any application. Click request info below on the type of scale you choose to see how we can help.
  • Floor Scales

    Floor scales come in all shapes, sizes, capacities and strength for all types of applications. We have the floor scales to fit your standard and custom needs no matter your industry.

  • Bench Scales

    Bench Scales are the best for convenience and mobility. We offer many diverse types of bench scales to fit your industry.

  • Truck Scale

    Truck scales are great for all logistic applications whether it be on road or off road trucking. With different programmable features we can customize these scales to your industry.

  • Forklift Scale

    Forklift scales are the best for portable material weighing. We offer multiple onboard weighing applications to fit your needs

  • Balances

    Balances are the best scale for low capacity high precision weighing needs for all types of laboratory’s.

  • Indicators

    No matter the environment, industry, or requirement, we have the best variety of digital indicators to fit your specifics. From general weighing, counting, custom programmable features, etc. we have the indicator to meet your application needs.

  • Tank/hopper Scales

    Custom load cell and weigh modules help to fit any type of tank or hopper scale applications. We help build the best module package to fit your industry.

  • Crane Scales

    With various types of overhead weighing we have the scale just for you. With portable and wireless overhead weighing we can fit any application.

  • Rail Scale

    Designed for industrial weighing by rail for continuous or static load delivery inbound and outbound. They are designed to fit most any type of rail applications.